God has moved in mighty ways at Grace and we want to obediently respond in our desire to be in step with him. We believe now is the time to take our next steps corporately as a church and individually as believers to continue to be on the move centered around the simple mission of connecting with others for the life-changing pursuit of Christ.


Our message is and will continue to be the Gospel–that God loves us so much that He would send His Son Jesus to die for our sins. We are called by God to carry out our mission until all have embraced the message of the Gospel. Over the next months and years, we believe God is leading us to the following…




Personally committing to take our NEXT steps, we need more people to engage with the mission and vision of Grace by taking their next steps in four areas: gathering together, belonging to a group, serving regularly in a ministry, and giving. 




We are planning to build another building with two primary purposes: 1 - A dedicated Student Ministry space that would include a large room for worship and big gatherings as well as small room breakout space. 2 - A secondary Worship Center space would provide for the growth of our congregation and a lighter contemporary worship service.


If Grace is already drawing people from as far away as 45 minutes, how many more would be willing to engage God in their faith walk if there was a campus closer by to them? Now is the time to begin laying the groundwork to expand our capacity to reach more people in this region for Christ.