Parent Commissioning         

When you have a baby, you wonder about a lot of things. What will he/she look like? What will he/she like and dislike? But, do you ever wonder who your child will be once they are grown? Probably not yet. But that's what Parent Commissioning will be about, parenting with the end in mind. We will challenge you to think about who you want your child to be, or better yet, who God wants your child to be and where you fit into that picture. Join us for a little break from your little one at our next class! (We promise to have coffee!) Grace Kids Care is available for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. You will register them through this registration.


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Transitioning from 5th grade into Junior High can be intimidating to say the least. As a parent, you want to know your child is ready for what’s ahead. Grace Kids Ministry wants to partner with you to help make this a fun and exciting time for your child. We are excited to invite all 5th graders to join us for Crossover--a special ministry designed to help them make this big transition. At Crossover, your child will get a glimpse of what youth group is like by joining the Grace Student Ministry for live worship and then break out into their own small groups for practical lessons and hands-on activities.

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Mother’s Day Out provides a positive God-centered learning environment for your child that lays a foundation of biblical truth and educational basics.  When your child attends Mother’s Day Out he or she will experience God’s love daily and they will learn “God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.”  



Kids Ministry has lots of ways you can serve to be a part of making a difference in a child’s life. Small Groups are a great opportunity to ensure that each child has a sense that they belong. An ideal Small Group Leader is anyone with the desire to influence the faith of the next generation and help create disciples for Jesus Christ. By focusing care on a small group of children, you can become a consistent presence in their lives, building trusting relationships, nurturing their faith, and offering your own wisdom and guidance.  Being a small group assistant is an opportunity for those who want to help create and foster an excellent and engaging environment for the children and leaders in the classroom. This role exists to serve as a support to the Small group leader in the classroom by helping with the immediate needs of the children.